Guitar Tone Secrets

Don and his Gibson 175



Taking the Mystery Out of Getting a Really Great Sound
from Your Electric Guitar

• You have purchased the signature guitar of your hero. You bought the green pedal, you played with a peso, but you still hate your tone! I can help! This DVD will help you understand how guitars, tube amps and effects pedals may be combined to achieve unique, appealing tones.

Volume 1: The Components of Tone

Is Great Tone in your Fingers? Good technique is critical to mastering your instrument. The electric guitarist’s instruments include the guitar, amplifier and effects. You must learn the techniques of all three to achieve a unique signature sound with your guitar.

What Will I Learn? It is important to understand the mechanics and the sonic signature of each tone component. This DVD explores four main topics: Guitars, Driving a Tube Amp, Distortion Pedals and Pitch Shift Pedals. In each section I discuss and demonstrate the surprising complexity in these deceptively simple components.

Why Did You Make the DVD? To inspire players to abandon the “Me, Too” imitation sounds that are so prevalent in today’s guitar music. I want to motivate players to understand and experiment with the gear they have to develop their unique sonic signature.

Tone Secrets DVD

Tone Secrets DVD


Tone History: Gear innovations from1938 through 2000 that shaped the sound of the era.

Guitar Body Styles: How design elements of electric guitar combine to create the characteristic sound of the most popular electric guitars.

Driving a Tube Amp: Demonstration of how to achieve clean and overdriven sounds using only your guitars volume knob and a tube amplifier.

Distortion Pedals: The how’s and why’s of the 4 types of distortion pedals.

Pitch Shifting Pedals: How 3 common pitch shifting pedal are used to create an atmosphere
or mood.

Putting All Together: Discussion and demonstration of how the Components of Tone are combined to create unique and useable sounds.